The future of valet parking

Parking Pal's strategy to be the leading valet parking company that provides professional, technology-empowered valet parking services with a touch of luxury.

What we do

Parking Pal provides clients with a unique, professional and complete valet parking services to various outlets such as shopping malls & hotels. Our services include sourcing manpower & technology. Our objective is to create a welcoming environment as well as a memorable arrival & departure experience for our client's customers. We provide the right people, support systems, and controls to handle the operations end-to-end freeing our clients to focus more on their core business rather than on parking.

How we do it

The service begins with a comprehensive survey of our client's establishment, then we begin to organize the most effective and efficient pick-up, drop-off and retrieval operation possible. We then allocate the needed number of attendants needed and distribute the manpower over our client's working hours to maximize efficiency and performance. To our client's customers, we offer the latest in technology to make car retrieval a pleasant experience. This includes using SMS, QR-Code Scanning and Smart Phone applications to conveniently request the retrieval of their cars.

Hand over the Keys!

Our Valuable clients
With more than 1 million visitors a month to our shopping mall, I can definitely say ParkingPal has contributed in the satisfaction of our customers.- The Avenues