What We Offer

We offer parking as a new dimension to your business. Not only do we increase parking efficiency, we make sure that we offer your clients a luxurious friendly experience

We tailor our services to your needs

ParkingPal take client satisfactions to it's maximum, we make sure a good experience is always left behind

We provide class and luxury

Not only do we provide you with a valet service, we insist on making you feel special.

We take dive into technology

ParkingPal make sure they are up to date with the latest technologies that help serve their customers


Join The Family

ParkingPal scale from serving the largest mall in the middle east to serving your event at your own villa. Our concept of service does not count on how many guest we have served but on how we serve them.

Employee Parking

Focus your business on it's target and save time on your employees with our parking service.

Visitor Parking

Accommodate your visitors with a luxurious, safe and friendly experience.

Event Parking

No need to be worried about your event parking problems, we will take full control.

The Latest Technology at your fingertips

ParkingPal do not just provide you with it's service but we are determined to deliver with class. With our latest technologies we provide our customers a secure, friendly and easy way of retrieving their vehicles.